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Tips To Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go.

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In order to catch a Pokemon, you'll first need a Pokeball. If you don't have any, you can get them at Pokestops.

Your map's bottom will have a bar showing which Pokemon are in your area.

Opening it will reveal a longer list.

Footsteps will show how close you are to the Pokemon. Each footprint indicates 50 metres of distance. Which means 1 footprint will put the Pokemon 51-100 meters away.

You should also look out for heaps of jumping leaves on the map. It predicts that there is a Pokemon in the vicinity.  You can choose a Pokemon in the Nearby List and hunt for it, after that just go along the jumping leaves.

When you do come across one, your cell will vibrate and a Pokemon will show on the map.

In order to catch, click on the Pokemon.

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