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Hamro Patro Android Apps Review

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Hamro Patro is the top android app of Nepal with 1 Million downloads. It is the first app to make such huge no of downloads and its users retention is believed to be higher than any other apps so are the daily users and engagement time. Hamro Patro includes the following features:
> Nepali Patro
> Current Time
> Nepali Date Converter
> Nepali FM and Radios
> Foreign Exchange Rate and Converters
> Gold and Silver Rates
> Rashifal (Horoscope)
> News Feeds
                                                               > Nepali Videos Playlists and many more other.
Total Downloads : 1 Million
App Rating : 4.5
App Rank In Nepal : 1
You can download the apps using this link.... Click Here To Download

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