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Android is a must-have in this 21st century.Android has replaced gaming consoles,daws and other applications that were just for pcs and mac. With more than 70 percent of users , it is difficult to find a non android user anywhere.A guy from Pokhara ,a beautiful city in Nepal has developed a game named "GORKHALI HELICOPTER COMBAT" being based on the android platform.The game which was just released a few days ago on google play store has already crossed nearly 10k downloads.He has promised top 100 users who cross 1 lakh score will be awarded with a recharge top up of 100 rupees each.
The developer of the game being from a management background(B.B.A from Pokhara University) says he always wanted to be a game developer so he learnt game development, website development and application development through the internet. He has made more than 130 websites and more than 30 android applications like 'Nepali Pan', 'Hamro Nepal' and many more. He says he never took a single IT class and has learnt about webpage and application development through the internet itself.
Due to the weak education policy and lack of employment in Nepal, more than 75% of the youth of Nepal are migrating to foreign countries for work. But, in such a condition too the developer says he wants to stay in Nepal and contribute to the IT field by developing games and web pages.He quoted, "Most of my friends say there is no future in Nepal and are migrating to foreign countries for work. They say the amount of money they can earn in a month in a foreign country would take years to earn in Nepal. But i don't really agree with their view .They may earn money more than I do or anyone who is working in Nepal but in a long term they are just hurting the nation's economy. I am totally satisfied with my income through website and application designing and I'm thinking of conducting classes on application and android development here in Nepal."
You can go through this link to be a GORKHALI COMBAT:
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