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Android is a wide area when it comes to games with good graphics. For all the action game lovers here is a list of best action games for your Android phone or tablet.
1) Mortal Kombat X
If you own an Android and you haven't still played this game then you're missing something real great in your life. Mortal Kombat since its origin has been a great but controversial combat game. The fatalities are not for the weak hearts. The graphics are great and the controls are fluent.

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2) Injustice : God Among Us
If you are into marvel/dc super heroes, this game my friend is just for you. This game is really addicting and once you get the basics I assure you, you wont sleep at nights .

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3) WWE Immortals
What if I tell you, your favorite WWE star is a superhero with supernatural abilities? You need to play this games and check all the moves of your favourite superstars. The best thing about this game is how the developers have kept the finishing moves same like Randy Orton's Rko,Triple H's Pedigree but have spiced up with extra effects and move. The controls are similar to Injustice but it still is a different experience.

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If you are into bare hand fighting instead of using weapons or super powers , you wouldn't want to miss this game . EA SPORTS UFC championship is based upon the real UFC and has almost all the famous characters from it like Brock Lesnar,Ronda Rousey,etc. The graphics are high and you wouldn't want to miss this awesome game.

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5) The king of fighters A 2012
KOF is a 2D arcade game based on traditional games like soul blade, street fighter,etc. It has a wide number of characters to choose from and loads of moves and combos that you can perform.
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