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How to remain safe in android

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Android is one of the most flexible operating systems in the world/ Due to its flexibility and open source attributes, it is easier to create malware and spywares to harm an android phone. All your important/private files may no longer be private.

Here are some tips to keep your android phone secure.

a) Do not root
Rooting refers to having all the owner privileges of your phone. It is good if you are a programmer and stuff and want to make changes to our device but since you have the root , if someone gets access to your phone he'll have the root access too. Rooting also voids your warranty and may cause problems while update.

b) Do not install whatever you see on the app store
Yes, app store is a trusted platform to install applications but not all applications are trust worthy. The applications may contain malware so be careful while installing an app. Check what resources the app uses every time you install a new app.

c) Clear the cache and history
Your phone stores all the caches and history of the used applications. Sometimes some apps can be decoded using the cache files so clear all the unnecessary files.

d) Use app lockers
Use app lockers to lock the application that you use the most or have private information at.

e) Use an antivirus software
An antivirus software will take care of all the malware and spywares .

More tips up ahead in the future. :) 

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