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Top 5 free camera applications for android

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Here is a list of top 5 camera applications for your android device.

1) Google Camera
Google camera is a unique camera application for any android phone . It has different features like reversing a video, panorama and all that stuff.

2) Camera 360 Ultimate
Camera 360 is a widely used camera application for android. You can apply ghostly edits and other pretty cool things with this application. The featured effects(downloadable) are a must try for any android user who loves to take pictures.

3) Retrica
You may have seen this application all over your Facebook news feed. This is a easy to use simple camera application with a variety of effects to choose from.

4) Paper Camera
Want to click a sketched picture ? This app is just for you. Mess around the settings and a get a sketch of any picture you take.

5) Camera Mx
This is a great camera app with different effects to choose from while clicking a picture.

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