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Top 5 strategy games for android

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Here is my pick of top 5 strategy games you need to play .

 Let me introduce you to the least popular game in this entire universe. Everyone has played this game once in their life. If not my friend, you're on your way to your dreams because once you start playing it there's no saying no to COC.

2) Boom Beach
Here's another super popular game people do not play much these days. This game is really good . You need to try this at least once in your life.

3) Star wars commander
Fan of the star wars series? Then this game is just for you.

4) Age of Sparta
This game being by designed by Gameloft, one of the most appreciated game developers. Make a city, build temples and feel like a Spartan.

5) Dead Eyes
The I AM LEGEND game . this is certainly not the game version of the movie but it is kind of similar to that game. You're the only human alive in a world full of zombie . Keep yourself alive is the only motto.

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