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Top 8 Cool Things You Didn't Know Your Android Could Do

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Here are things that you probably didn't know that your smart phone can do.

a) Use a pen-drive
You can use a pen-drive on you phone . All you need is an OTG cable. OTG stands for ON THE GO and you can find it in regular phone shops for the price of 1$-2$.

b) Install Linux and use it as a computer and connect keyboard,mouse and other accessories to it.
Yes, you can install Linux in your phone and use it as a computer . Will soon be posting a tutorial on this :) .

Are you a bored teenager who doesn't feel like using both hands to type and want your typing to be more convenient. Then , you definitely need to check swype typing. You can type by swiping through the keyboard and your pone will predict the words for you .

d) Customize your phone and give it a look that you wish for
Wanna make your android phone look like ios or windows? Just simple install launchers like NOVA launcher, lazy swipe , etc. Your phone will look real different but this may affect your RAM.

e) Send/receive files up to 10 Mbps
You can try the 'WiFi-direct' function that you have on your WiFi tab to send files to a device. just pair a device and send the file via WiFi direct or use any other apps like software data cable, share it, etc.

f) Control your PC from anywhere through your phone
Remember for this you need a WiFi connection. Your PC should also be connected to the internet. Then you can connect to it using third party applications like teamviewer and control it from anywhere in the world.

g) Turn your boring phone into a kick-ass gaming console
Yes, you can do this. You can connect a wired or wireless controller and play any game that you want to.

h) Speak any foreign language that you wish to learn
You can use applications like itanslate and speak any language that you want to.

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