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Top 9 Clash of Clan Tips and tricks for begineers

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Clash Of clans is a really addicting strategy game which is being played by a million of people all around the world. From kids to old people everyone is engaged in raiding and defending . So here is a list of DOs and DON'T DOs for clash of clan. P.S: If you have been playing for a longer time you may already know these .

1) Search for inactive players and loot them

2) Know that there are gems hidden all around your base. Collect as many gems as you can and do not use them yet  unless you get 5 builders. You'll need them later when you start getting good at this game 

3) DO NOT believe on any gem advertises that you see on the internet.

4) Make sure that your opponent cant get to your mortar easily

5) If someone attacks you and you're defeated take a revenge . People usually don't take revenges because revenge is a secret in COC

6) Save all your spells because spells are harder to produce and expensive.

7) Focus on collecting resources rather than increasing your level

8) Loot then upgrade, loot-upgrade, loot -upgrade

9) Give a lot of time to COC. 

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