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Why to update to Android Lollipop?

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Lollipop is the latest update of the Android OS. to me its one of the best android OS that has been made. Here are some changes that are really great in android lollipop version.

a) Great design
Lollipop version has the best materialistic design any versions of android ever had. They icons make you wanna stare at them all day long. The layouts are changed and tbh it is really great.
b) Better RAM utilization and battery efficiency
Lollipop uses your device's RAM real efficiently and also has better battery efficiency.
c) Guest mode and also supports multiple users
YES! The PC feature every one was waiting for. If you are a guy who likes to hide some stuff from other people , lollipop is just for you. You can decide what files,contacts, etc. others can access in guest mode.

d) Fast application switching
Application switching was never this easy. New interface has been introduced in android lollipop to switch between two or more applications.

e) New notification bar
The old notification bar has been enhanced and has a lot of new features added to it.

On an end note , you definitely should check the new android OS. It's super awesome.

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