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Best music making apps for android

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Here are 4 music making apps for android :

a) Fruity Loops mobile
Fruity Loops is a famous Digital Audio Workstation . The Fl mobile is similar to the desktop version of fruity loops and even easier to use. With a wide variety of instruments to choose from, this app is a must if you are a music maker.

b) Caustic 3
It is undoubtedly one of the best free music mking programmes on the play store. The simple interface makes the workflow fast and easier to progrmme MIDI.

c) Mikrosonic SPC - music sketchpad 2
Program drums, synths , record your sound clips and edit them . One of the best music mking app out there on the internet.

d) Pedrocorp Robot guitarist
This is certainly the best guitar app you will find on the internet. Other apps have a bad artificial tone but this app has  a natural sounding guitar tone that makes it wonderful to sit with and jam.

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