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Best Android Application of 2015

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Best Android browser app 

As a Google item, Chrome is the ideal program for Android and, since it comes pre-introduced on most phones, it's something that a great many people are acquainted with. Chrome Beta is our present best Android program application in light of the fact that it's simply the, ahem, better form of the program we as of now love. 

Chrome beta is Chrome without bounds, it's what the standard Chrome application will turn out to be once Google applies the most recent changes, fixes and enhancements it is chipping away at. Chrome beta clients get the opportunity to encounter these things before the masses. 

The cost paid for  quicker access to new elements is that, obviously, some of the time there are bugs or issues that should be resolved. None of these will bring about any harm to your phone or its product notwithstanding, and these program crashes and stammers extremely uncommon.

Best Android podcast app

Podcast Addict is a lovely application on the grounds that it heaps a great free administration on top of free administration — that is, listening to magnificent podcasts. Podcast Addict itself is a free download and it gives you a chance to look for, download and listen to podcasts (with its coordinated sound player), and in addition make playlists of the up and coming demonstrates to you need to tune into. 

Besides, houses a flawless "drifting" pursuit include so you can see what else is as of now famous in the podcast world, giving a straightforward passage point to newcomers. While it's not generally the most straightforward to explore, it does everything a decent Podcast application ought to do and it does it well

Podcast & Radio Addict

Best Android keyboard app

This keyboard is one of the best for quick, precise writing and it's our new organization top choice. A large number of us have embraced Fleksy in light of the fact that it's huge,  it’s clever and once you use it for a couple of hours, you understand how useful some of the smaller details are.

For instance, most keyboard  utilize  signal to erase words, Fleksy utilizes a super-brisk in reverse swipe. Make certain look at a portion of the augmentations like undetectable console as well — it works shockingly well. Download it from the Play Store for free now. 

Fleksy + GIF KeyboardInstall on Google Play

Best app for downloading free music on Android 

Google Play Music is our most loved application for downloading free music at this moment. Despite the fact that there are numerous music download app available in the Play Store, they are regularly immediately uprooted due to their copyright-impinging usefulness. Google Play Music furnishes you with an absolutely genuine, continually changing rundown of free tracks from real craftsmen to download. 

Spotify has a magnificent paid membership administration, and Sound Cloud has a huge number of tracks promptly accessible to stream, however for really downloading tracks to your telephone, Google Play Music is on a par with you can get. 

On the other hand, head to the connection underneath for some less regular free music downloading applications.

Google Play MusicInstall on Google Play

Best app for watching TV and Movies on Android

Hulu is a fabulous application for watching motion pictures and TV appears on Android. It's a free administration that depends on promotions, however there are some awesome shows accessible. You have to pay a membership expense to get to the greater part of the substance, however there is a scope of brilliant shows accessible without membership, including exemplary US comedies, for example, Family Guy, Seinfeld and South Park. 

It's as of now confined to the US, however ideally we'll see Hulu showing up in more domains soon.


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