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Creating and monetizing your android apps and earn money

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About the possibility of earning through or apps

Hello and Namaste I am Sathi Nabin CEO of MyComputerSathi IT House,
I have been working on this field from last 5 years. Currently I remain busy on
android application development. I have already developed 70+ apps including two games
Gorkhali Helicopter Combat
Gorkhali Battle

We can develop a custom app for you like Nepali Pann(Example App) whose contents are updated daily.
Find Nepali Pann in Google Playstore

Lets talk how can you earn from apps for now :

> We will develop an app for you
> You choose your categories (any 8) we will update them 
and you can add as more categories which should be updated by you and we will help you on how to work on it.

1. News Feeds(   )
2.  Videos Feeds (   )
3. Nepali Patro and Upcoming Events (  )
4. Nepali Calendar (    )
5. Nepali Date Converter (     ) * AD to B.S and Vice Versa
6. Nepali Exchange Rate (     )
7. Nepali Unicode Converter (    )
8. Nepali Radios Collection (    ) *Only the popular ones and that you recommend.
9. Photo Jokes (    )
10. Poems (    )
11.  Wallpapers (     )
12.  Lifestyle Stories (    )
13. Health/Sex Education (   )
14. Amazing Facts of the World (    )
15. Models Gallary (    )

with customization of your need we will make the app and publish it to google playstore.

>Price of App : Rs20,000 on begining and Rs10,000/yr on update

>What are our sources of earnings?
Since it’s a free android app on google play we will generate revenue from advertisements (Admob of Google) that are displayed as banner or full-width and is the only source of income for now.

When and how google pays us?
 Google will show the earning on daily base and will verify it on 1st date of next month. 
So all the earning fromm December will be collected and will be verified on Jan 1 and they will send the amount on Jan 21-23  through western union and similarly like that.

>Average Estimated Earning of the apps :
1,000 users = $2 per day with average of RPM 1
5,000 Users = $10 per day with average of RPM 1

What are our risks?
Generally there are two types of risks
1) App Termination (Closing App) by Google if we can't go with as per their policies or if they found it unsuitable.

2) Google Adz Termination (Closing Adz) by Google if we can't go with as per their policies or if they found it unsuitable.
Note: If We Suffer Such Situation what we will do is we will create similar apps compiled with their policies and upload it from 
another developer account with new name. But we have to begin it's downloads from zero and may require to invest little more.

>Do we have to pay tax?(13% of Monthly Income)
Yes, we need to. But since its individual account we may not require to pay for first few months.

>What will be yOur responsibilities being an app owner?
> App Owner is fully responsible for driving downloads and we are not responsible for low downloads. Its your full responsibility to do marketing of apps.

If you really want to do this, we will always be supporting you in many ways as much as we can. If you have further more queries contact us :

skype : mycomputersathi
Viber: 9804160688
Mobile: 9846444087

or visit our office @ BuddhaChowk-10, Pokhara (Opposite of Manokamana Petrol Pump)

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Can any one help me about best custom android application development association in karachi. besides, association gives organizations in resonable rates.