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Simply dial *17123# from your versatile to purchase any of the Internet administrations you need.

Data packs

You can purchase any of the accessible information packs according to your need and surf Internet at better rates. The following are the accessible information packs.

1-day Pack – validity 24 hours
Pack SizeVolumeHow to activate?PriceApproximate price/MB after buying pack
Light6MBDial *17123# and follow instructionRs. 6Re. 1/MB
Medium18MBRs. 12Rs. 0.67/MB
Heavy40MBRs. 20Rs. 0.50/MB

7-day Pack                                                                                 
Pack SizeVolumeHow to activate?PriceApproximate price/MB after buying pack
Light50MBDial *17123# and follow instructionRs. 35Rs. 0.70/MB
Medium125MBRs. 60Rs. 0.48/MB
Heavy250MBRs. 110Rs. 0.44/MB

30-day Pack

Pack SizeVolumeHow to activate?PriceApproximate price/MB after buying pack
Light1000MBDial *17123# and follow instructionRs. 550Rs. 0.55/MB
Medium2000MBRs. 850Rs. 0.43/MB
Heavy3000MBRs. 1150Rs. 0.38/MB
Once the volume in your information pack is over, the standard charge according to your levy will apply unless you purchase another pack. It is constantly prescribed to utilize Internet purchasing information pack as the rates you can surf Internet at an exceptionally aggressive rate. 

Every one of the bundles are material for all Prepaid and Pro duty with the exception of Ncell Connect. 

To know the remaining information parity, dial *901#.

Data surfing rate without subscribing any package:
All Prepaid tariffRs. 3/MB
Pro PremiumRs. 2/MB
Pro PlusRs. 3/MB
Pro ClassicRs. 3/MB

facebook pack 

Use Facebook beginning from Rs. 0.45/MB 

Look over the accessible 3 Facebook packs and utilize Facebook beginning from Rs. 0.45/MB.

PackCostFacebook DataValidityHow to buy?Per MB rate after buying pack
DailyRs. 920MB24 hoursDial *17123# and follow instructions.Rs. 0.45/MB
WeeklyRs. 49140MB7 daysRs. 0.35/MB
MonthlyRs. 149600MB30 daysRs. 0.25/MB
You can pick either one time Facebook pack which will be deactivated once the legitimacy is over or you can pick the administration with auto-renewable component with which the pack gets consequently recharged for your benefit once the legitimacy is over. 

You can upgrade your status, visit, message, transfer and share pictures, watch Facebook recordings (and not from YouTube and other outsider locales) and do everything in Facebook with the Facebook pack. You can utilize Facebook pack by means of authority Android and iOS applications and through in portable PC and different gadgets. Facebook pack is currently additionally accessible in Opera smaller than normal 4.4 or more. 

Not just this, on the off chance that you expend all the information in the Facebook pack, you can at present use Facebook at Rs. 0.99/MB inside of the pack legitimacy period. 

Rates are restrictive of assessments.

Information Pack for Ncell Connect 

With Ncell Connect, appreciate Ncell 3G, the speediest web in Nepal in your desktop or Portable workstation tablet anyplace with the accompanying bundles with lifetime legitimacy.

PackagePriceHow to buy?
500MBRs. 399Type 500MB and SMS it to 9009
1000MBRs. 699Type 1000MB and SMS it to 9009
5000MBRs. 1999Type 5000MB and SMS it to 9009
Without packageRs. 2/MB 
To send SMS, go to the content menu in your Ncell Connect programming. 

To know the status of the pack sort "status" and send SMS to 9009.

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