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What is Ncell Voice Pack?

Ncell Voice Pack is another administration of Ncell by which you can talk at the least expensive rate of 86 paisa for each moment inside Ncell system. Under this administration you can buy every day voice pack or week by week voice pack according to your decision. The availble voice packs are:

Who can utilize this service? 
All Ncell prepaid clients can utilize this administration. 

By what means would we be able to initiate these voice packs? 
Voice packs can be actuated through any of the accompanying mediums.

-Dial *17118# and follow the instructions
-To activate daily voice pack, Type 11 and send it to 17118. To activate weekly voice pack, Type 60 and send it to 17118
-Dial 17118 and follow the given instructions.
-Visit our nearest Ncell Centre, Ncell Shops or Ncell authorized POS to buy the Voice Pack Vouchers. Vouchers will be available from 2072 Falgun.
-Visit our nearest Ncell Shop or Ncell authorized shop.
-You can also activate Voice pack from Ncell Mobile app.

How frequently would we be able to purchase any of these packs? 
The voice packs can be bought the same number of times you need. 

Can we still enjoy the cheaper night tariff if we buy this pack?
Ncell prepaid clients can appreciate the less expensive night call duty after the voice pack minutes are over.

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