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Review : Cree Connected LED Bulb

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What is good?

The Cree Connected LED brags strong lighting specs, solid convenience, an extensive variety of control alternatives, and a fabulous value point.

What is bad?

Not at all like standard Cree LEDs, the new associated knobs won't diminish exceptionally well on dimmer changes because of impedance from the inherent Zigbee darkening smarts. Additionally, the all-plastic tasteful won't not speak to everybody.

All in all,

With reliable equipment inside the globule and smooth execution on numerous stages, this $15 savvy knob is a brilliant wager for associated lighting.

More On The Cree Connected LED Bulb

Cree was reluctant to add a shrewd globule to its top of the line LED lineup, yet that transformed for this present year with the option of the $15 Cree Connected LED. Sharing the fabricate and lighting specs of a year ago's very much audited Cree 4Flow LED , the new Connected LED includes a Zigbee radio. Pair it with a control center point, and you'll have the capacity to turn it on and off remotely, or calendar robotized lighting changes.

At dispatch, Cree's savvy globule was fairly hitched to the Wink Hub , which seemed well and good given that you'll purchase both off the rack at Home Depot. From that point forward, nonetheless, we've seen official bolster take off for extra control doors, including SmartThings and the Philips Hue Bridge . You can add the knobs to the new D-Link variant of the Staples Connect Hub , as well, despite the fact that there isn't legitimate, Zonoff-ensured bolster just yet.

The bulb functions admirably over the greater part of the stages we've tried it with, and it shares the solid lighting specs of the 4Flow LED that preceded it. Most engaging is the cost. At $15 - only a couple of dollars more than you'll spend on non-associated contenders - it ties with the GE Link LED as the most reasonable associated globule available. For essential computerized lighting, it's the best choice we've tried yet, and our present Editors' Choice victor.

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