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What is good? 

The new iPad Pro is the greatest and quickest Apple tablet to date. The weight touchy Pencil stylus offers predominant portraying and drawing, and the Pro's flawless mammoth screen and quad speakers are perfect for split-screen applications, multitasking and watching motion pictures.

What is bad?

At dispatch, not very many applications are right now streamlined to exploit the iPad Pro's maximum capacity. Its expansive size makes it less convenient than different iPads. Once you've paid for the Pencil and console peripherals, the iPad Pro expenses as much as a decent tablet, yet does not have its adaptability.

All in all,

The iPad Pro is a fantasy machine for visual fashioners and media experts, yet this rich tablet needs more enhanced applications and frill before it can completely accomplish portable PC executioner status.

More about the iPad Pro

The iPad has longed for owning the eventual fate of registering subsequent to the day it was conceived. Five and a half years after the fact, the iPad Pro - the greatest, quickest, most intense Apple tablet to date - stakes a capable case on that grandiose objective.

Mac's iPad Pro is the greatest - truly - and boldest endeavor to rehash what the iPad in a general sense is and can be. It has an almost 13-inch screen. Some new inputs and frill, similar to a super-exact stylus called the Pencil, and another side connector for consoles. A working framework that takes into account split-screen multitasking.

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