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What is good?

The LG G5's one of a kind measured configuration gives you a chance to swap for entertainment only embellishments. It has (two!) extraordinary back cameras, expandable capacity and a replaceable battery - an irregularity in top of the line telephones.

What is bad ?

In spite of the fact that you can swap out some parts, there aren't sufficient to make this component convincing. You can just get to the phone's application drawer in a specific topic.

All in all,

This is the phone to get in the event that you need a removable battery, however it neglects to experience its reality changing Swiss Army Knife potential.

More on the LG G5

LG phones frequently avoid any unnecessary risk, however this measured G5, which gives you a chance to swap out some parts, is all danger. The advancement - no other organization has gotten this far with a secluded telephone - yet lamentably the gadget misses the mark on execution.

Swapping out parts implies you kill your cell phone every time, and there sufficiently aren't modules at this moment to make this really charming. Perhaps if there were more motivated modules, and more accomplices on barricade lining cooler additional items - the possibility of a swappable camera lens, for instance - could be all the more energizing about the G5, or if nothing else all the more lenient of its developing agonies.

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