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Review : Samsung Galaxy S7

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The good thing?

Trimmed design. Great camera features. Prolonged battery life.microSD storage slot and water-resistant.

The bad thing?

A bit on the reflective side. Smudgy magnet. Superfluous selfies. Battery is non-removable. 

All in all,

The quick, capable, excellent Galaxy S7 phone is 2016's overall phone to the T.

The ideal approach to test another phone? Go with it. When you're seeing sights and losing yourself to the occasion, there's no space to endure a poor camera or carriage programming, moderate speed or short battery life. On the off chance that there's a defect, you'll see it.

On the Samsung Galaxy S7

Good for pockets

One drawback to the S7's sparkly metal-and-glass sponsorship is that smears heap up on smircesh, leaving a semi-lasting sheen of finger oil everywhere on your costly property. It's gross, and a torment to continually perfect, which dependably comes up short at any rate. Be that as it may, similar to all wonderful telephones, you're bound to slap a case on it at any rate, so it's right around a debatable issue - just not a reason.


What was affirmed over and over is that fresh photographs from the 12-megapixel camera countered low-light obstruction in each obscured mixed drink bar, irritably lit eatery and sunset diminished park. Despite the fact that this camera has less megapixels than a year ago's S6, it takes better photographs. Scenes are brighter, which makes the activity simpler to see.

Battery Life

Other than the camera quality, battery life is a No. 1 concern when utilizing the S7 while Euro-stumbling. The battery keeps going through an entire day of substantial use.

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