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Windows Software Review : Start Menu 8

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Start Menu 8 is a Windows utility that detours Windows 8's tile-based Start screen interface, re-presenting the natural desktop UI and Start menu from past variants of Windows.


A familiar interface : The Start botton and menu has been a backbone of Windows since Windows '95. In Windows 8, Microsoft chose to experiment, however in all actuality it is difficult to change in accordance with something new after so long. Begin Menu 8 restores that old interface to make route recognizable once more.

Stylistic options : Start Menu 8 lets you totally redo your new Start catch. To start with, you can pick what you need the catch itself to resemble. You can either choose a catch that resembles the great Windows 7 catch, or pick something more present day that appears as though it fits in with the Windows 8 style.

Customized menu : When you stroll through the setup procedure with Windows 8, you can choose precisely what you need to have incorporated into the menu. This gives you a chance to keep it essential and just incorporate your most ordinarily utilized things, or extensive so you can explore through your whole framework from the menu. An extraordinary expansion is the capacity to join a menu for your Windows 8 Metro applications.


Time to set up : The main genuine downside is that it required a reasonable piece of investment to set up precisely how we would have preferred it. A couple presets or comparable brisk begin choices may have minimized the time it took to get going.

All in all, This project takes just a couple of minutes until you're come back to a more natural interface. You can alter the menu precisely as you need, so you can either have a menu quite recently like the one in Windows 7, or you can make your own redid alternative.

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