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How To Play Downloaded Songs Of Gaana App On Other Music Players

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Bajao India:
This guide is exceptionally basic and simple to take after, yet there are couple of things which you ought to take note of, "The content is downloaded by the Gaana App to your Smartphone" we are simply sharing the trap which will empower you to play the melodies downloaded utilizing the Gaana application on some other music player in your Smartphone, Hence we won't be in charge of any results confronted, by taking after the guidelines, you consent to the announcement. Presently, how about we start the progressions without squandering a second more.

Things required:

Android Smartphone.
Gaana App Installed.
Internet Connection (or songs already downloaded inside Gaana App)
ES File Explorer.

Step 1: Start the Gaana Android app and Download Songs you wanted to download.

This progression includes downloading of a Song utilizing the official Gaana Android application, and once downloaded the downloaded tunes will be appeared in the Gaana application's Download list. So you can play the tune by going into that rundown, however you won't discover the melody in another music players and thus won't have the capacity to play the tune in those applications.

Step 2: Open ES File Explorer and “Turn on” show hidden files feature of the File Explorer.

This progression will empower the ES File Explorer to demonstrate all the shrouded records, which are not visible typically. To demonstrate Hidden records in ES Explorer. Begin the ES File Explorer and snap on a catch which has 3 flat lines on the left hand corner and look down and turn on the "show concealed documents" highlight, this will empower the File pilgrim to demonstrate all the shrouded records in your Android Phone.


Step 3: Find the “Gaana” Folder inside “Android > Data” in Internal Storage or External Storage (if exists)

Gaana makes a shrouded folder and stores the melodies in an obscure arrangement which just the application could comprehend and a client can't. On the off chance that you are having an External SD card embedded, open the SD Card in ES File Explorer and explore to : "Android à Data à com.gaana à Files à .gaana" and you will see Files with Unknown Format (on the off chance that you've not downloaded any tune in the Gaana application, you won't see any record), But on taking after the initial step regardless of the fact that you downloaded a tune, you will discover it in it.

Step 4: Copy/Move the “Unknown Files” to another location.

In step 3 we discovered obscure documents in the registry, now select all the records and duplicate/move it to another area in SD Card, Outermost index is suggested, Create an organizer in the furthest catalog and move those records in that envelope.

Step 5: Convert the “Unknown File Format” to MP3

When you move the unknown documents to the new area, select all the records and tap on Rename records and a pop up would show up requesting that you offer name to the records and in the event that you've chose various documents it would likewise request that you enter the begin number, enter any number and in the Rename Extension name field compose "mp3" and click on OK.

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Arun said...

Not working

Unknown said...

Songs after adding. Mp3 can not be played in any music app. Because after adding. Mp3, it displays the song as. Mp3.e in details of the song properties

Unknown said...

Songs after adding.mp3 can not be played in any music app. Because after adding.mp3, it displays the song as.mp3.e in details of the song properties

Ashok Gupta said...

Tranaferyour files in computer. Download media cope . convert all these files into mp3 through media cope.

mit said...

These method not working now...

Kapwang Arangham said...

is there any new method because it is no more working now. please research and add a new post regarding the same.

Unknown said...

They have detected this technique and made new method for stopping the copy to sd card. If anybody know new metnod to crack this issue kindly post.

Unknown said...

These all methods are now not working.
subsribe for as many.and enjoy offline. It is not much expensive. They are doing lot of work so deserve for some compensation.

सी.बी.आलोक said...

Not working...If any body knows then tell me.

Freedomopedia said...

Download IDM file in your android mobile. and then from your gaana app share the song to idm application which you wanna download.