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How to play Facebook Messenger's new secret soccer game

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Keep in mind the concealed b-ball game in Facebook Messenger? It was misleadingly hard, yet so much fun. On Wednesday, Facebook upgraded its Messenger application for iOS and Android. In the change log, the organization for all intents and purposes challenges you to try out another shrouded diversion inside the application: soccer.

Similarly as with the b-ball game, once you have the redesign introduced you basically need to send somebody an emoji soccer ball to initiate the shrouded amusement. With the message sent, tap on the soccer ball to dispatch the amusement. The objective (exculpate the play on words) of the amusement is to keep the soccer ball noticeable all around for as along as could reasonably be expected. Tap on the ball to begin, continue tapping to keep it going.

Simple, correct? Off-base. This amusement is troublesome. It took me a couple of dozen endeavors to get more than 10, after which a wide range of diversions showed up on the screen and I quickly failed. I'm at present sitting with an individual record of a modest 11. Humiliating.

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