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Nepali Unicode Fonts

Prior to the advancement of Nepali Unicode, Nepali text styles, for example, Himali, Preeti, Kantipur and so forth were essentially utilized as a part of to sort Nepali archives. Every one of these textual styles despite the fact that utilize Devanagari letters as glyphs or pictorial representations of letters, regardless they utilize the ASCII encoding for mapping the letters similarly as capacity of letters in these text styles are concerned. This brings a considerable measure of inconveniences while exchanging the information and records from one PC to the next. It is required that one ought to have the same text style introduced in the other PC as in the source PC where the record was set up for opening and showing in the objective PC. Notwithstanding this, information handling capacities like "Sorting", "Find and Replace", "Spell checking" were additionally unrealistic with such documents.It was simply after the arrival of the Nepali Unicode in 2002 by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya that these issues were unraveled.


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