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How To Stay Safe On Social Media

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Social media platforms have become an agile means of communication and almost everything. Although they are very helpful, there have been reportedly more amounts of insecurity surrounding these platforms. Deed like hacks, identity theft, piracy, etc are growing more and more each day.

Being safe on social media should be prioritized by anybody who uses it. Below are some ways you can do so :

  1. Be aware while entering sacred information like credit card numbers on any website. Make sure the website has an 's' in 'https' on the beginning of the site.
  2. Do not use common passwords that can easily be guessed by predators. You can check this list to make sure what to not keep as your password. Make sure you use a strong password and keep changing them often.
  3. Be careful while clicking on links. Your feed may show a variety of links and news shared by your friends. It is not wise to click on any site that looks a bit sketchy. 
  4. Do not share too much of your private information on any social platform. There are predators of various kinds looking to prey on people all the time. Be safe by not talking and sharing about your plans to somebody you don't personally know.
  5. Every now and then, review your privacy setting on your social media profiles. Make sure to limit your profile to only friends and families.
  6. Think before posting something. If it reveals something personal, and something that can be misused by anybody against you, then it is better to not post it.
  7. Do not be trapped into the popularity hype on platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram - the more strangers are accessible to your social profiles, the more is the chance of insecurity. So it is more wise to keep a small social network.

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