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Pokestops In Pokemon Go : What Are They?

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Pokestops are places on the map that you will have to visit in order to get Pokemon items, mainly Pokeballs.

From afar, they look like floating blue cubes but once in range , they'll show a large Pokeball symbol.
You can always tap the Pokestop to view it's location but you can't interact unless you are in the range.

Once you're in the range, this is how it looks like:

At this point you'll be given the option to spin the location circle where the PokeStop will start to drop items:

After spinning, the location turns purple. After collecting all the items, you won't be able to use the same PokeStop again until the cool down period has passed where the PokeStop turns blue again.

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Unknown said...

Where are pokestops and gyms in pokhara????