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Tips To Get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

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You can get Pokeballs in 3 ways : by buying them at the store, by getting them at Pokestops , and by pushing your level up.

The simplest is obviously buying them.  You can buy 20 PokeBalls for a 100 coin, 100 PokeBalls for 460 coin & 200 PokeBalls for 800 coin.

The more you buy, the better price you get for it.

The other way to get Pokeballs is at Pokestops. In average, you get around 4 Pokeball at every stop. Which means simply walking around your neighbourhood will earn you enough Pokeballs for a day.

The least beneficiary way to get Pokeball remains by leveling up. You get 15 Pokeballs after leveling up, but they get used up before you jump to another level, which will retreat you back to the above options.

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