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Tips To Hatch Eggs In Pokemon Go

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In order to get started, you will need a Pokemon egg, which are dropped from Pokestops.
There are 3 kind of eggs: 2km, 5km & 10km eggs. km stands for kilometers and we'll get to that in a second.

After you've received a Pokemon egg, you'll have to incubate it with the help of a Pokemon egg incubator. Tap on the egg and click "Start Incubation".

That shall open your incubation inventory where your eggs will start it's incubation.

How does a Pokemon incubator work?
After you place your egg at the incubator, you're gonna have to walk around until you reach the required kilometers for the egg to hatch, which brings us back to the types of eggs. You will have to walk a certain kilometer depending on the very egg itself.

Each player will have an incubator which can be used infinitely. You can also buy them at the Store, or receive one after leveling up.

Keep in mind that moving too fast won't be counted as walking.
A hatched egg will grant you with 25 candies in addition to the Pokemon.

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