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Tips To Train Pokemon In Pokemon Go

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There are two approaches to prepare your Pokemon. One is by developing it to it's higher evolutionary stage and the other is by powering  it up.

Powering up your Pokemon: 

By fueling up your Pokemon you raise it's CP (combat points) and it's HP (hit points). The breaking point to which your Pokemon can be fueled up will be raised as you raise your mentor level and it's shown as a half hover bar over your Pokemon.

Evolving your Pokemon: 

Developing your Pokemon will convey it to it's higher evolutionary stage. Essentially developing into a radical new species types inside that class. In the process both CP and HP will raise.

- You'll need stardust and Pokemon candies (for that particular Pokemon) to power it up while for advancement you will just need candy.

- Every time you catch a Pokemon you get 3 candy for it and 100 stardust (+bonus stardust for trick shots). You additionally get 1 candy when you exchange that Pokemon to the educator.

- You can likewise get stardust by hatching eggs.


- There's no motivation to keep a group of the same Pokemon when you can exchange them to the teacher and get candy for it. Well unless you anticipate making an armed force of Pidgeottos :D

- Evolve the most grounded Pokemon and exchange the lower CP ones.

- I for one don't control up Pokemon until I convey them to their most noteworthy evolutionary level.

- Pick maybe a couple Pokemon and train them. Try not to prepare various Pokemon in the meantime.

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