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How To Get A Payoneer Card In Nepal and create US based Verified Paypal Account.

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Online workers are often troubled with one common problem - the online gateway. Even if online workers have tremendous interest and experience , they often face problems while exchanging them in the international market due to the Online Gateway. For example, if you have an interest and great skill in Photography and want to sell them to an international audience , how do you do that?  Similar to this, online workers are facing problems in Nepal in online advertisements, selling/buying, web hosting, domain registration etc. For all these , internet financial terms of online payment must be fulfilled , for which PayPal , Payoneer etc is necessary.

It's almost impossible to verify for a PayPal account from Nepal as the government has not worked for the betterment of services like PayPal. But you can make financial transactions online with the help of A month after you've applied , you will receive an International Debit Card and an account in The Bank Of America for free.

What Is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an American debit card provider company that was established in 2005. It has been providing their card in more than 200 countries around the world. The service is mostly favoured bu internet freelancers. Users can easily deposit money in their bank account and withdraw it from an ATM machine nearby. According to the company's website , the company has more than 20 lakh users all around the world.

Bank Account And ATM

It is quite easy to get a bank account and debit card just by sitting at home. You can deposit money from several agencies by using the account. You can withdraw money from any debit card supporting ATM machine nearby.  You can shop from sites like ebay, amazon, etc. In addition to this, the company will grant you 25$ if you inspire another person to open an account from your link. After making a transaction of about 100$ or more, you will be able to use theat bonus.

PayPal Verification

With the help of a Payoneer account, you can easily verify a PayPal account in Nepal.The debit card from your account in the Bank Of America will be providing you with a legal PayPal account in Nepal. Most Nepalis are seen using PayPals of their relatives or friends who are staying abroad in order to manage their financial transactions online. . This may create problems in the future. Thus, the best solution is to get a Payoneer account.

Although the Debit Card is free it charges an annual charge as well as service charges from its users. If you are facing any problems or have questions regarding your debit card then you can ask with online forms or you can just call at the bank number.

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Support Contact: 9804160688(Viber)

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I followed the same method and it work for me Here i have explained how to get payoneer card for free in proper way! ;)

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Thank you sir. I read this article completely and found what I was searching for. I have created Paypal account now. Thank You...
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