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How To Register A Free ".np" Domain Name In Nepal

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If you are a new audience to blogging then buying a domain may sound quite costly, especially when there are sub domains such as, or for free. Many bloggers may also be looking to expand their blog with a custom domain. What many fresh bloggers do not know, is that being a citizen of Nepal and having a registered company in Nepal is enough to get a free .np domain.

How To Register For A Free .np Domain

Nepali citizens can register their free domain as their name on their citizenships. For example, if the name is Sita Gurung on your citizenship, you can freely (without cost) take the domain is that domain isn't taken already.

Similarly, if you have a registered company within Nepal , you can take the free domain by registering with the name of your organization, brand, or service quality. For example, if your company is SB Food Mart , you can freely register using depending upon it's availability.,,,,,,, etc are the domains you can get for free by registrating with the process. Perhaps you are wondering WHERE to find the availability of these domains. It's quite easy, just open a browser and type ( ) . The first thing to do after opening this site is to check the avaibility of your favoured domain. After that, if the domain is available, add it to the basket. And then register your username with the help of your email address. 

After the above, check your email for the necessary documents and activate your domain. It takes a full 3 days to make your domain name active after you've submitted all the necessary documents.

After this simple process, you are free to run your blog. You can post anything according to your interests on your blog.

Usiing Google Blogger, you need not worry about web space as Google provides you with free hosting services. Using Google server is also safe because of this hosting service. The important thing is to keep your account safe.

Afetr you have some traffic o your site, you can apply for Google Adsense, and start earning. Professional bloggers from all around have been earning heaps through this process.

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