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The Most Incredible Breakthroughs That Happened This Year

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1. Hyperloop One
Elon Musk is the innovative virtuoso of this period — and when he says he needs to change transportation, he would not joke about this. No, this isn't about the Tesla electric auto. Musk is handling mass travel with the Hyperloop One, a tube-based train-like framework that will cover vast separations at mind boggling speeds. What's more, this year, it was at long last illustrated.

2. Passive Wi Fi and Li Fi.
This year, understudies and analysts at the University of Washington found another approach to work with Wi-Fi. They call it Passive Wi-Fi. This innovation will empower cell phones and portable PCs to "talk" to existing remote systems by utilizing less vitality than they do now.

3. Passenger Drones
Drones are just the same old thing new — the possibility of robots that fly like planes is ho-murmur stuff now — yet what about robots that ship you starting with one place then onto the next, similar to an aeronautical taxi? On the off chance that that arouses your advantage, you'll cherish the advances a few organizations are making with traveler rambles.

4. AlphaGo : Better Artificial Intelligence
At the point when Google's AlphaGo robot beat the best human Go player, it implied computerized reasoning had enhanced significantly more than anybody had expected. Beating Go was viewed as an incomprehensible undertaking for current-era PCs and innovation, so AlphaGo's triumph conveys us nearer to genuine manmade brainpower. The kind that can really comprehend people, possibly.
5. 4D Printing
The world is still gradually embracing 3D printing innovation, however that hasn't ceased researchers from going above and beyond. This year, we saw the appearance of 4D printing innovation. The uplifting news is that it holds fast to the same standards as 3D printing.

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