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How To Download YouTube Videos Using VLC Media Player

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 Today we will share aVLC trap which will give you a chance to download YouTube recordings. Yes! you read that perfectly fine can really download Youtube recordings without the need of whatever other application. Really, it is the trap which stays covered up in VLC media player. Along these lines, we should know how to download YouTube recordings utilizing VLC media player.

#1  First of all, you have to download and install VLC media player if you haven’t installed it on your computer yet.

#2 Browse the video in the YouTube that you want to download it using VLC media player.

#3 in VLC, you need to click on Media tab and then select the option “Open Network Stream”. Or the another way to open capture device is by pressing CTRL+N

#4 Paste the video URL ins the URL box there. Now click on Play.

#5 Once the video starts playing in VLC media player, you need to click on “Tool” tab and then select “Codec Information”

#6 It will grant you the location of the CODEC. Actually, the link is the download link. Simply copy it and paste it in your browser.

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