Comparison Of Different ISPs In Nepal

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There is no doubt that you want the best internet service at an affordable price but with ever growing number of ISP in Nepal it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Of course, the quality of your internet reflects your productivity, from browsing the web to streaming videos from YouTube, your internet quality affects how much you get things done.

We are here to help you in selecting the optimal internet service provider, we will be comparing the quality and quantity of various ISP and you can choose according to your need.

First, let’s get the terms right because you may want to know the differences between the types of internet access. The frequently used term is ” broadband”; it simply covers all of the frequently used internet access: DSL, fiber-optic, cable, and satellite except the dial-up. since satellite internet access isn’t available in Nepal, we won’t be talking about that.

1.DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

The most familiar DSL service is the one provided by NTC: ADSL. It uses the telephone line to provide internet without disrupting the telephone service.The thing with ADSL is that they are old and speed you experience decreases with your distance from the ISP station. Right now in Nepal, the only ADSL provider is NTC but we will see how NTC is dealing with this worn out technology.

2. Cable

This internet connection is provided by the local cable TV provider. The internet connection and TV connection uses the same wire for the service. Although it is a good alternative to ADSL, it isn’t the best one either. Most of the well-known ISP in Nepal provide this service.

3. Fiber-optics

Finally, the fastest internet connection so far. If you are not familiar with fiber-optics technology, it uses optical fiber, a flexible, transparent fiber with a diameter slightly thicker than of human hair. It is superior than ADSL or cable connection in every aspect, they permit transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates. While the initial cost is a bit high, on a long run it is a service worth investing in.

There are tons of ISP in Nepal right now but we will be focusing on 4 major ISP. Now let’s get down to business.


Vianet, being the pioneer for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) internet service in Nepal, provides a wide range of internet package. Vianet provided both limited and unlimited internet access. In unlimited access Vianet has 6 Mbps unlimited for Rs. 1582(inclusive of taxes) per month and 12 Mbps unlimited for Rs 2034(inclusive of taxes) per month.
On data package service, there are 3 packages to choose from: RUSH, PLUS and PRO.For a home user, the PRO package would be the best choice. For a month, you get 120 GB at 5 Mbps and the default speed is at 512 Kbps at Rs. 1469 (with taxes)
FTTH cable and installation service are free of cost but you need to pay Rs.2500 for the ONU device (rental service). If you choose to install 3-months or 12-month service at time then Vianet offers a great deal of discounts. Vianet is frequently known for its outstanding reliable service and good enough customer support. We have provided down a speed test for 5 Mbps service.

b. WorldLink

On the second number, we have WorldLink which claims to be the largest ISP in Nepal. It currently offers FTTH service at wide range of speeds and data package. If you are a home user you may want to stick with Fiber-Home service. It offers 5 Mbps unlimited access at Rs. 1525(with taxes). In addition to this, you have to pay for drop wire (costs Rs.1278(with taxes)), Fiber router (costs Rs.1695(with taxes)) and deposit fee of Rs. 1500.

Beside this 10 Mbps unlimited access and data package option are also available, but to be honest 10 Mbps for a mild home user is a bit of an overkill. Taking about reliability, WorldLink is in toe to toe with Vianet in past few years.


c. Subisu

 Subisu currently provides FTTH, Cable and Wireless internet service.  It seems to focus on both TV and as well as internet service. This may be a good thing for a lot of people who are in need for a Setup box TV subscription.

Since there are literally a tons mind boggling services, we won’t be talking about all of them.The suitable internet service would be 5/2 Mbps unlimited access for three months. This services also includes analog TV along with all the router, installation charges included. The price of this package is Rs. 5999 (not sure whether its inclusive or exclusive of taxes). In my honest opinion, it better to contact Subisu through phone call to know about their services because their website doesn’t seem to make any sense.
Taking about reliability, the speed seems to be fairly reliable but what seems to be the problem is their service. Most Subisu user complain about their internet service to be down with little help from the company. If Subisu resolves this problem then they may be on their way to be among the best ISP.

d. Ntc ADSL

Finally, on the bottom of the list is the good old ADSL. I know this isn’t 20th century but ADSL is still among the most used internet service. ADSL has become synonym for slow internet connection but believe it or not ADSL has actually INCREASED ITS DATA SPEED. I am a lifelong ADSL user and just when I was about to quit ADSL for other ISP, ADSL upgraded their quality.

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