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Windows 11 Specification, features and computer requirements

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Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: 1GHz  or faster with 2 or more cores on compatible 64 bit processors
Storage: 64 GB or more
Boot: Secure Boot Capable / UEFI
TPM(Trusted Platform Module) : V2.0 or later
Display: 720p HD

Intro video of windows 11 Source:

1)5G Support
2) HDR Support
3) Bitlocker To Go (Available in Windows 11 Pro and above versions)
4) Direct Storage (NVMe SSD required)
5) DirectX 12 Ultimate
6) Presense
7) Intillegent Video Confrencing
8) Teams
9) Optimized For Touch
10) Two Factor Specification
11) Voice Typing
12) Wake on Voice
13) Wifi 6E (capable router/AP is required)
14) Windows Hello
15) Windows Projection
16) Xbox(apps)
17) Android App Support via Amazon Store

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